Northumberland is and inspirational place to live and work and as a result Northumbrians are motivated to be creative in many different ways… Below are a selection of the best!
We are proud to welcome ‘Illustrated by Kiera Frances’ and her collection of quirky creatures. Here is a little bit about how the story began. If there’s one good thing to come out of lockdown, it’s Kiera Frances. In an attempt to restore calm and serenity during the recent pandemic, Kiera picked up a discarded Sharpie marker and started doodling. Influenced by the avant- garde cubism movement, Kiera was drawn to a more geometric shape in her drawings, all of which are free hand. She draws upon her countryside surroundings to combine the two, creating a vibrant collection of quirky characters. In using personification, Kiera brings the everyday to life. Her prints are packed with colour and verve, making them highly appealing. Kiera says “Growing up in rural countryside, it’s no surprise that animals feature strongly in my work. I wanted to translate my background into a collection that above all else was FUN. I feel most alive when I’m in natural surroundings and I hope my prints echo that dynamic. “ Born in Northumberland, Kiera still resides there, living with her husband, 2 children and dogs. Her pastimes include hill walking, exploring the coastline and spending too much money on red lipstick. Bold in more ways than one. Click here to check out ‘Illustrated by Kiera Frances’ on FACEBOOK Click here to visit ‘Illustrated by Kiera Frances’ on Instagram Email:
Abstract sharpie art Quirky creatures Designed in Northumberland Prints, Totes & Ceramics Made to order (allow 1 week)
Cheryl Dunn is a Northumbrian abstract artist specialising in resin art, creating unique artisan rustic cheese and charcuterie boards, which can be used as chopping boards too, as well as placemats, coasters, wall art and home decor. A midwife who loves creating art. The products Cheryl creates reflect the beauty of the Northumberland coast, starry skies and beautiful sunrises. A stock of items is always kept however, her order book is always open for custom colours and pieces of art.
Further details and prices of boards are featured below: All products can be purchased by contacting Cheryl directly or via her Etsy shop. Items can be custom made with specific colours in mind. Although please bear in mind, custom made products can take up to 3 weeks to allow time for curing, sanding, oiling and drying. All boards go through a two-step process of hand-sanding, then a further process of polishing and oiling. Delivery to alternate addresses and gift messaging available. Free UK shipping. Shipping outside the UK will be calculated upon ordering. Board sizes and pricing: Piccolo (small): £35 29cm x 17cm Depth: 1.5cm Grande (large): £60 52cm x 20cm Depth: 1.5cm Extra Grande (extra large): £80 65cm x 25cm Depth: 1.5cm Wall art, placements and coasters will be priced individually on photographs (available within the posts and photos on Facebook business page). Etsy shop: CherylDunnResinArt Instagram: @cheryl_dunn_resin_art Twitter: @CherylDResinArt Facebook: Cheryl Dunn Resin Art Email:
Polly Sutherland - Animal Portrait Artist Polly Sutherland is a self-taught artist based in rural North Northumberland with links to Newcastle. After gaining her degree from Edinburgh University, she started drawing as a way of relaxing, and art quickly became her passion. This has developed from a passion to her choice of work. Animals are Polly’s main source of inspiration. She loves to engage with, capture and express a pet’s individual character in pencil, charcoal, pastel or oil paint. She has set up ‘Aslan Art’ a bespoke service offering animal portraits,other commissions and illustrations to the discerning customer. Polly is available to discuss your individual preferences primarily via email and she is available from Monday to Friday between 9 and 5. For more information please visit:
Blending African Art and UK Landscapes. The Raphael Tetteh Art Studio is owned by professional artist, Raphael Tetteh. Raphael "Ralph" Tetteh has been painting portraits and landscapes for over 20 years. Upon relocating from his home country of Ghana to the rural county of Northumberland in 2014, he has been inspired to blend traditional West African painting techniques with iconic UK landscape and architectural imagery. Raphael welcomes commissions for both portraits and landscapes, he also sells prints and original artworks. Raphael works primarily with acrylic and canvas. Raphael lives in Morpeth, Northumberland with his wife Rebecca and their two young children. For commissions or general enquiries you can contact 07739633801 or direct message through our Instagram Page Rapahel_Tetteh_Art To shop prints go to:
Alnwick Arts Centre Bondgate Within, Alnwick, Northumberland Tel: 01665 606777 Email: Local artist Fiona White opened the Alnwick Art & Crafts Centre in October 2017 to provide arts and crafts sessions to people of all abilities and ages. Fiona has been teaching in Northumberland for nearly 30 years and her commitment and enthusiasm has helped hundreds of people to develop and improve their skills and to discover talents they did not know they possessed! Classes are informal and friendly, and all are welcome. Fiona's classes and workshops include Beginners Art, Acrylics, Watercolours, Mixed Media, Candle Making, Soap Making, Clay work, Cell painting. We also have friendly tutors offering Calligraphy, Dressmaking, Felting, Crochet, Knitting, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and more. click here to visit Alnwick Arts Centre FaceBook page ROOMS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR HIRE
If you’re looking for something a bit different… Introducing Pixie and Padfoot (from Becci Jobson Textiles and Art) Creator Becci says “I’ve been trying to get back to being creative since 2012 when I finished my fine art degree, but life got in the way. I have slowly found my way back and finally started sharing my work during lockdown. It cemented everything I already knew, I needed to find my happy and pursue it, no hiding and no going back! I adore nature and the body of my work channels that love into one off pieces that other people can love. The animal heads were born at university in 2010 when I wanted to make an entire textile wolf and tell the story of 20 thousand years evolution into the domestic dogs we share our lives with today, but I realised I wouldn't have time and so I compromised with just a head but I just wish I'd had the confidence to continue. As you can see, I also paint with acrylic and I also write poetry. One day I hope to leave my office job for absolute good, focus on my real passion and create so much more!!
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Shop & Office Opening Times; 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday *Classes run 7 days a week Bank Holidays - closed
Brian D. Powell is an artist and original founding member of "The Three Brusketeers." Along the way ... Brian also happened to revolutionise the search and rescue industry. As a fire officer, designer, thinker and inventor he is directly responsible for some of the most profound health & safety advances the western world has seen. Brian Powell is not your average everyday inventive genius, he is simply one step ahead as a creative thinker, more than that, Brian is a man who understands the importance of acting to implement change. In addition to a distinguished career saving lives, Brian helped to raise a family. He then took time to see a bit of the world, recording those memories through his art and recording these in a 124-page full-colour booklet, available now, direct from the publisher via his Facebook page :
Brian D Powell - Watercolour Artist